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New Homeowner Inspection Service

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New Homeowner Inspection Service

This is designed for those who are in the process of purchasing, or have recently moved into a property and have no paperwork relating to the fireplace.


Learn more about your fireplace and do not run the risk of ‘leaving it to chance’.


The New Homeowner Inspection Service includes:


* A visual inspection of accessible parts of your installation,

including the fireplace area, lower part of the flue and a ground

level check of your chimney terminal

* A check of your fire and its accessible, internal components

* A full sweep of the flue serving your fire

(assuming adequate access)

* A CCTV inspection of the flue serving your appliance

* A flue smoke draw test

* Friendly, bespoke advice on how to use your appliance effectively

* Paperwork documenting work undertaken and any advice/recommendations

 If you are in process, or have just moved in to a property and would like to know more, please contact me to book an inspection.


* Also consider incorporating an aerial Drone survey. Become more informed of the quality and state of repair of the roofs, chimney stacks, flashings, gutters etc. Please see more detail here.



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