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Aerial Drone Surveys

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Seeing is believing!

An effective way to check on the state of your property.

Roof, chimney, lead flashings and guttering etc.


* New home owners - View hard to access places, so you know exactly what you’re taking on. A drone survey may reveal damage to a roof, chimney or guttering etc. Use the evidence of drone survey photographs to negotiate with the current owner of the property

* Insurance claims -  If you have clear evidence that your roof was in a good state of repair before a storm, an insurance company can’t put your claim down to ‘wear and tear'. Aerial photographs and video are perfect to support an insurance claim.

* Defects - Suspected dangerous structures, damp, water ingress, missing slates/ tiles, unsecured terminals and cowls etc. View close up to accurately assess the structure mitigating risk compared to undertaking a hands on inspection.



My inspection service achieves the following objectives for you:

  • See close up and become accurately informed of the condition of your property

  • Aerial views take in the whole picture – literally

  • Receive professional advice regarding the state of repair

  • Receive advice on the potential repair work required

  • Mitigate risk (personal injury, damaged tiles etc)

  • Save -  time and money when compared to ladders, scaffold or cherry picker hire.


Using the latest technology, I fly drones fitted with high quality video cameras to the tallest of structures.

* I am  registered with the Civil Aviation Authority and have undertaken appropriate training. This allows me to fly drones within CAA guidelines in order to inspect structures to an altitude of 400ft.

* I carry specific Drone insurance to £50m public liability. It is compliant with EU regulation EC785/2004 and CAA requirements to fly a drone commercially.

* Experienced and also covered to fly over water, at night, high risk and hazardous locations.

*  Examples: Domestic and commercial buildings, Listed Heritage Properties, Sites of National & Local Historical Importance etc.

Flights are dependent on numerous factors: location, *Flight Restriced Zones (FRZs), weather, temperature, visibility, ground/ air hazards etc.

*Flight Restricted Zones - I am experienced with this process. However flight permissions are completely dependent on the entity involved.

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